Working Groups

Achieving our priorities

The Cannabis Industry Council’s working groups drive forward key priorities. Open to all members, the working groups highlight key areas for change across the industry. 

Environment, Social & Governance

Chaired by Toby Shillito, the ESG group work to explore the opportunities this new sector has to to define new standards for business, patient engagement and environmental impact.

Hemp Working

Chaired by Jamie Bartley, the Hemp Group works on priorities to drive forward progress and standardisation across the Hemp CBD industry and further the aims of the Council. 

Prescription Cannabis Working Group

Chaired by James Smith, the Prescription Cannabis Group works to establish medical cannabis as an accessible and respected treatment option for patients in the UK.  

Plant Science Working

Chaired by Gary Yates, the Plant Science group highlights the unique biology, growing conditions and expectations of cultivating cannabis under license in the UK. 

Research Working

Co-chaired by Shanna Marrinan and Melissa Sturgess, the Research Working Group exists to commission research including economic analyses, condition-specific case studies, and explores real-world vs RCT evidence. 

Ireland Working

Chaired by Peter Reynolds, the Ireland Group intends to facilitate the development of the cannabis industry in the Republic which has unique connections to the UK but is a member of the EU

Standards Working

Chaired by Elisabetta Faenza, the Group set and define the standards for the industry around seven critical areas for Hemp, Cannabis Food Supplements and CBPMs.

Adult Use Scoping Group

A new group Chaired by Dr Callie Seaman, this group will review a range of international experiences, assess the existing market and carry out impact reviews into this area.

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