Tincture Tailor CBD, Hemp

Tincture Tailor (TT) is a Cannabis wellness brand, bringing a range of unique cannabinoid and terpene oils to the UK. The range offers a new approach to customised dosing and tailoring the specific cannabinoids taken, rather than a one size fits all full or broad Spectrum CBD oil.
TT recognise that everyone has different reasons for choosing to take cannabis based food supplements and their unique physiology will mean they have differing volume requirements and results.

The TT range is designed to empower the user to customise their own dose and find a cannabis wellness routine that works most effectively for them and their personal needs.

The range is fully lab tested, with a novel food license approved CBD supplier as well as CBG & CBC isolates and unique terpene blends.  The cannabinoids are CO2 extracted, THC free, using organic MCT carrier oil, with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.

The products are all in tincture format with a dropper designed for accurate dosing, available over the counter and have therapeutic properties to support, amongst other things, mood, energy and sleep.

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