Adact Medical Ltd Infrastructure

Adact Medical Ltd is a regulatory compliance company that has its own ISO17025 certified laboratories. The company specialises in medical product legislation and compliance. We have an active interest in Medicinal Cannabis and the developing market for medicinal cannabis. Our Laboratory will soon be EU GMP certified to enable us to better support the medical cannabis industry. We are passionate about all aspects of herbal and botanical medicine including but not limited to cannabis and can offer a full range of services needed; Quality Control and goods in testing, product development and regulatory notifications/submission, and product release testing. Let’s have a conversation on how you can access our expertise to move your business forward.

Established in 2012 Adact has a strong background in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, in vivo diagnostics, herbals and food supplements both in Europe and the USA. In recent years we have delivered specialist services for the Vape market, where we have long been the largest provider in the market.

Having started working in the Hemp / CBD business in 2014 we have been looking after a growing list of companies regulatory requirements filing over 30 novel food applications, all of which are still going through the process with the FSA, we have also filed these applications with the EFSA for our customers. Our regulatory capabilities companied with world class laboratory services uniquely positions Adact to help our customers succeed.