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our aims

 The Cannabis Industry Council brings together organisations, businesses, and groups working in many different ways to promote the cause of medicinal Cannabis and Hemp. Together, we influence the future of medical Cannabis and Hemp in the UK and learn from and network with fellow sector organisations. 

A collective voice for a new sector
Setting and defining the gold standard

Our objectives

A collective voice for the Medical Cannabis & Hemp sector

We define, set, and maintain the gold standard for sector organisations so that the highest possible standards may be achieved.

Agreed by member vote, the Council’s objectives are to:

Support member organisations' interests in communicating with and influencing all industry stakeholders, Government and other relevant external bodies.

Increase patient access to medical Cannabis and Hemp products in the UK.

Commission and carry out research and publish research submissions.

Test current regulations and guidelines and where they are found lacking challenge them.

Driving forward priorities

Through our subgroups, which are each Chaired by a member of the Executive Committee, members can drive forward objectives in a range of areas of interest. This allows us to achieve a range of ambitions. Council members can join any subgroups, with most choosing to join at least one group.

  • Medical Cannabis
  • Hemp
  • Standards
  • Research
  • Marketing & PR
  • Lobbying
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

  • The Cannabis Industry Council is managed by the elected Executive Committee.

Professor Mike Barnes


Anne Katrin Schlag

Chair, Research Subgroup

Matt Hughes

Patient Representative

Elisabetta Faenza

Chair, Standards Subgroup

Toby Shillito

Chair, Environmental & Social Responsibility Subgroup

Charles Clowes


Jamie Bartley

Chair, Hemp Subgroup

Laura Salvage

Chair, Media, Marketing and PR Group

Kate Thorpe


Will de Peyer

Chair, Lobbying Subgroup

Crispin Blunt MP

Parliamentary Representative

Gillian Aitken


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Our membership comprises leading organisations and businesses working within or operating from the UK, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

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