About the Cannabis Industry Council

Our Aims

The Cannabis Industry Council brings together organisations, businesses, and groups working in many different ways to promote the cause of medical cannabis, hemp and CBD. Together, we influence the future of cannabis in the UK and learn from and network with fellow sector organisations.

A collective voice for a new sector

The Council’s strategic objectives are to:


Influence decision makers

Influence industry stakeholders, Government, and relevant external bodies.

increase patient access

Enhance patient access

Improve lives by enhancing patients' access to medical cannabis products


Support hemp and CBD

Enable the CBD and hemp industries to fulfil their potential


Increase industry credibility

Enhance the credibility and capability of our industry, members, and the Council

Setting and defining the gold standard

What we do

A collective voice for the medical cannabis, hemp & CBD sector

We define, set, and maintain the gold standard for organisations operating in the medical cannabis, hemp and CBD sector.

Through our working groups, each Chaired by a member of the Executive Committee, members drive forward objectives in a range of areas of interest.

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