During the last month, over 60 organisations have signed up to be part of the Cannabis Industry Council.

As a collective voice bringing together independent providers and organisations in the medical cannabis sector, together we will raise the profile of medical cannabis in the UK, improve patient access and ensure the highest standards.

Over the coming months, we will work together to agree our fundamental principles, our immediate priorities and our vision for the future. Every member will work together to shape the future of medical cannabis across the UK.

Interested in being part of the Council? There is still time. To learn more about membership, please get in touch before Friday 30 April 2021.

Membership of the Cannabis Industry Council is open to:

  • High THC Licenced Producers – importers and UK based companies who are striving for a cultivation license
  • Hemp CBD bodies that represent the industry
  • Patient groups
  • Cannabis clinics – existing and aspiring cannabis clinics
  • Dispensaries and importers – existing and aspiring cannabis importers and retail pharmacies
  • Professional bodies 
  • Education providers 
  • Charities and research groups 
  • Infrastructure bodies 
  • Lawyers and Insurers 
  • Regulators
  • Senior Government & NHS representatives

Contact the Council via enquiries@cannabisindustrycouncil.org.


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